Upitnik za partnere

Naša mreža saradnika je izabrana zbog kvaliteta usluga i efikasnosti. Naši saradnici su profesionalci koji su obavezni da reaguju za najviše 45 minuta od prijema poziva, i koji su na raspolaganju 24h, 7 dana u nedelji tokom cele godine.

Molimo Vas popunite sve podatke i dodajte slike vozila iz svog voznog parka ako posedujete.

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* maximalna veličina slike je 3mb

Our goal: to always go ahead. Whether you are traveling or you need help on a daily basis, you are no longer left on your own, because assistance takes care about everything. From reparation on the spot until returning home.

Assistance means help, means be present

Mission of Balkanwide Assistance is to provide you assistance on the territory of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia & Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania during the whole year, 7 days a week, 24 hours / 24, 365 days.

About us

Balkanwide Assistance was established in 2004.

Our commitment is to bring rescue as quickly as possible, throughout whole area: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.
Our team was formed and trained to act quickly and appropriately.
Our team, medical and technical of Balkanwide Assistance knows how to manage the emergency as well as periods of intense activity.
In our job we rely on a network of providers professionals.
We know that each person is unique and each situation is different.
We are always there when our customers need us.
Our energy, our enthusiasm and respect of our commitments allowed us to be quickly recognized as a responsible company.

Balkanwide Assistance is available 24/7, 365 days a year.